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alsofine ([personal profile] alsofine) wrote2008-05-06 03:35 pm

Mike's 30th Birthday Party

The Big Three-OhPlease come and help us celebrate Mike's 30th birthday!!!

It'll be at the Lynnwood Bowl and Skate, which is up the street from where we live.

For people that want to bowl, the first 10 people will get a discount. :)

If you aren't into bowling but are into phenomenal cake and just want to hang out you're more than welcome!

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you KNOW I'm bowling!
I even have my own shoes!

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Totally off topic to the post, but I was moving my icon journal to an icon/art comm, and noticed your comment. I checked out to see if you were still using the Del icon, and saw you'd forgot who'd made it. It was me, you can credit [ profile] purpleicons_etc if you'd like. Thanks!

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Done!! Thanks for letting me know. :)