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So Mike and I are going to start posting some of the pictures from Kauai, Mike's going to post some, and I'm going to post some. These are all pictures that Mike took though! Credit where credit is due!

I get to post about King George, the Peacock that we met at the historical Hawaiian village. The story behind the village is that it's been around for a while, but after the 1992 hurricane, the village was pretty much totaled. The movie studio who made the movie Outbreak offered to rebuild the village if they could burn the rest of it down. It was pretty obvious, the powers that be accepted the offer, and in the beginning of Outbreak, the village that was burned, well, we were standing on the spot that the movie was filmed.

Anyway, we met George in the back of the village, and he was gorgeous. He was definitely kingly, so King George it was.

King George the King of the Hawaiian Village

Here he is again, looking very handsome indeed.

So the story behind me being attacked by King George. He'd been following us around for a while. He wasn't more than a couple of feet away, and so I decided that I wanted to pet him. That was a poor decision. Before I knew it I had been attacked. He clawed and bit/beaked me. Here's the beak mark that I got. It was pretty deep, and eventually started bleeding. The moral of the story is: Never try and pet a peacock. No matter how friendly he seems!

So the Hawaiian Village is a respresentation of different things that would be in a real village. There was a hut for birthing, the eating house, the cooking house. And here is King George on the Hawaiian Love Rock. (I'm not sure if you can see it here, but the rock is shaped like a heart, and there's a huge crack down the middle, which is sad 'cause that means it's a broken heart.)

And here finally, is when King George became my boyfriend. He walked side by side with me forever. It was pretty funny. He'd look up at me and just keep walking. Eventually he went his own way, but Mike took pictures of him standing next to me.

There are also some pictures of a peahen that was there at the village, and she had babies! They were so cute, and made really cute cheeping noises. Eventually, they would grow to have the voice of a strangled cat! But I'm not sure where the pictures are right now.
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